Salford back to backs  (1969)
Bradford Housewives and mill chimneys (1969)
Street running down to the Tyne, Newcastle  (1970)
Birmingham back to backs and terraces,  (1968)
Salford street corner  (1969)
Bradford  (1969)
Salford streets  (1969)
Halftime British school and factory Salford  (1969)
Icecream van in Byker, Tyneside  (1970)
Figure at dusk, Constitution Hill, Birmingham  (1967)
Street games at dusk,Hockley , Birmingham  (1966)
Street games at dusk, Hockley , Birmingham  (1966)
Elderly lady and children at the corner of a street of back to backs Leeds  (1970)
Mother waiting for her child to come home from school, Bradford  (1969)
Boy wheeling his bicycle up a cobbled street, Bradford  (1969)
Family crossing the end of a Salford street of terraced houses,  (1969)
Returning home from work, Liverpool  (1969)
Coming off shift by the Swann Hunter shipyards, Tyneside  (1970)
Crossing wasteland, Leeds  (1970)
Woman climbing the hill towards home, Bradford  (1969)
Street scene Hockley, Birmingham  (1967)
Sitting out on a Burnley street,  (1969)
Family groups walk up a Byker street, Tyneside  (1970)
Three generations greet the street Sheffield  (1969)
Scrubbing the pavement outside her Liverpool house,  (1969)
A Shaking her doormat, Byker  (1970)
Mother and toddler cross wasteland, Edinburgh  (1972)
Mother and baby in a Liverpool alleyway  (1969)
a group of neighbours, Ladywood Birmingham  (1968)
Waiting to go on night shift, Hockley, Birmingham,  (1966)
Mother and daughter in pinafores, Sheffield  (1969)
Bread delivery van Newcastle  (1970)
In a washhouse in Salford  (1970)
In a Salford washhouse  (1970)
Chinese laundry, Moss Side Manchester (1970)
a street corner joke, Liverpool  (1969)
Andrew Faulds election campaign Smethwick (1966)
Andrew Faulds on his election campaign, Smethwick  (1966)
Andrew Faulds meets an elector Smethwick  (1966)
Andrew Faulds portrait Smethwick  (1966)
Pensioner with his ancient range, Bradford  (1969)
Terrace of houses in a mining village , South Wales  (1969)
Terrace of houses by East Moors Steelworks Cardiff  (1972)
Oldham landscape  (1969)
Ring doffers wanted sign, Oldham  (1969)
Repainting their house Salford  (1969)